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Specialty Shows

KTSW Staple Shows

Other Side Drive

Other Side Drive, weekdays from 4 to 6 PM on KTSW 89.9.

Weekdays 4–6pm

Other Side Drive is KTSW’s afternoon drive time variety show. It is jam-packed with various segments varying each day from education to fun and informative. Hosted by our best DJ talent and incorporating live interviews, performances, and a request block there is easily something for everyone.

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In the Public Interest

In the Public Interest; Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 11am.

Sundays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays


In the Public Interest is KTSW’s news specialty show. Each week's topic brings you community-focused stories. Our news reporters write and produce creative stories to incorporate economical threats, political issues, and personal memoirs. If you have a story to tell—and you would like to be on radio—email us at ktswnews@txstate.edu or call 512.245.3383.

Bobcat Radio

Bobcat Radio on KTSW 89.9.

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
11 to 12pm

@ktswsports on Twitter

Bobcat Radio is Texas State University’s only all-sports talk radio show. With a mix of Bobcat Athletics and national sports talk, Bobcat Radio is your only home for sports from a San Marcos perspective. If it’s breaking Texas State news then our broadcasts crews are talking about it. Mix in a little humor and various segments such as “Name Droppin’,” “Final Rant,” and much more, and you’ve got a solid hour of sports-talk entertainment. So tune it in, and turn it up! Bobcat Radio is on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am to noon, only on 89.9 KTSW!

Spring 2016 Specialty Shows

100 Proof Radio

Tuesdays 8-10pm

Get on the Jimmy Preston train now while he's a relative nobody, because this star is rising fast. Having virtually nothing to live for (his dog just died), he's put his heart and soul into this show. Tune in Tuesday nights from 8-10pm for comedy, compelling interviews, comedy, live music, comedy, and comedy. More info at Facebook.com/100proofradio

The show is even better if you join in the fun. So send Jimmy a message on the 100 Proof Radio Facebook page, Twitter (@jimmypreston), Instagram (@jimmypreston) or Snapchat (jimmy.preston).

Black Spaceship

Sundays 6-8pm

The Black Spaceship is a show that takes a deeper look into the music of the black diaspora around the world as it continues to push genres and express a wider range of cultural identities. Join us on our journey as we explore the movements of Afrofuturism with special guests, creative segments, and music like you’ve never heard before. Hosted by Brittany Robinson and Tafari Robertson

The Blank Underground

Tuesdays 10pm-midnight

The Blank Underground is a specialty show dedicated to punk music of all kinds. This covers everything from classic hardcore, pop punk, post-punk, local and everything in-between. As well as headbanging music, this show features discussions covering all kinds of punk-related topics. Hosted by Josh Ramirez and Andrew Nogay.

Cactus Classics

Mondays 6-8pm

Whether you’re looking for some solid road trip vibes or hanging out on your hammock, tune in to Cactus Classics for classic folk rock and Americana. Listen to sounds from the lost generations of vagabonds as well as current bands giving you that same nostalgic feel. Hosted by Rachel Vargas.

The Cypher

Sundays 8-10pm

Mo' music, less problems. Tune into The Cypher every week with Kris, Jasmynne, and Kendra for two solid hours of hip hop on KTSW. From old school jams to new school grooves, we will showcase current artists and music as well as some forgotten favorites of the past. So on Sundays from 8 to 10pm, just lay back... with your mind on The Cypher, and The Cypher on your mind.

The Local Show

Everything is bigger in Texas! –and that includes the music scene. The Local Show is KTSW’s specialty show which features bands from all over the Lone Star State. From the small garage bands in El Paso, to the rocking bands in Austin. It's all being played here! The Local Show is hosted by DJ Toast and Staton-Elisabet. It airs every Wednesday from 6-8pm. Y’all make sure to tune in!

Marvin in the Morning

Sundays 9-11am

A fresh start to that Sunday morning. A show that balances out the music with the commentary. Texas State action and branching out from there. Sports, life, music, it’s all right here. A good two hours to just adjust to the first day of the week; it’s a refresher and a good time. It’s Marvin in the Morning with Marvin Parker Jr.


Wednesdays 10pm-midnight

Need a chill sesh? Join Laura Valencia every Wednesday from 10-12pm for your weekly session of Melodia. From chill trap to ambient, this show features a wide range of experimental beat music, interviews, local producers, and much more! Don’t miss out and tune into Melodia for a chillaxin’ relaxin’ time. 

Shrimp & Grits

Fridays 8-10pm

Shrimp and Grits is a new KTSW specialty show hosted by Brendan Charles every Friday night from 8-10pm. Featuring classic and contemporary rhythm, blues, and soul, stop on by and let the healing vibes flow through. The mothership will be powered up, and soul food will be served via low down riffs and p-funked radio waves.

The Mystery Block

Saturdays 10pm-midnight

New to KTSW this semester, The Mystery Block is a show that'll keep you guessing every week. Each show is a surprise! The Mystery Block will feature a different DJ and playlist each week.