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Specialty Shows

Other Side Drive, weekdays from 4 to 6 PM on KTSW 89.9.

Other Side Drive

Weekdays 4–6pm

Other Side Drive is KTSW’s afternoon drive time variety show. It is jam-packed with various segments varying each day from education to fun and informative. Hosted by our best DJ talent and incorporating live interviews, performances, and a request block there is easily something for everyone.

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In the Public Interest; Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 11am.

In the Public Interest

Sundays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays


In the Public Interest is KTSW’s news specialty show. Each week's topic brings you community-focused stories. Our news reporters write and produce creative stories to incorporate economical threats, political issues, and personal memoirs. If you have a story to tell—and you would like to be on radio—email us at ktswnews@txstate.edu or call 512.245.3383.

Bobcat Radio on KTSW 89.9.

Bobcat Radio

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays

@ktswsports on Twitter

Bobcat Radio is Texas State University’s only all-sports talk radio show. With a mix of Bobcat Athletics and national sports talk, Bobcat Radio is your only home for sports from a San Marcos perspective. If it’s breaking Texas State news then our broadcasts crews are talking about it. Mix in a little humor and various segments such as “Name Droppin’,” “Final Rant,” and much more, and you’ve got a solid hour of sports-talk entertainment. So tune it in, and turn it up! Bobcat Radio is on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am to noon, only on 89.9 KTSW!

The Morning Kup

The Morning Kup

Mondays & Wednesdays 6–8am


The Morning Kup is a morning drive personality show. Wake up with the happy energy of Keaton, Ellis, Haley, and Conor as they start your early morning off right. They will also keep you entertained with games, “Girl Talk” and plenty of laughs. “The Morning Kup will do what every morning cup should do: wake you up with a smile.”

Ambient Soul

Ambient Soul

Tuesdays 10pm–midnight

Ambient Soul gets you bedtime-ready with a variety of sounds that fuse R&B, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz & Spoken Word. Expect a wide range of music from avant-garde artists as well as collaborations and informative programming surrounding the songs played.

The Cypher

The Cypher

Wednesdays 10pm–midnight

Mo’ music, less problems. Tune into The Cypher every week with Zach, Taryn, and Jordan for two solid hours of hip hop on KTSW. From old school jams to new school grooves, we will showcase current artists and music as well as some forgotten favorites of the past. So on Wednesdays from 10pm to 12am, just lay back... with your mind on The Cypher, and The Cypher on your mind.



Thursdays 8–10pm

d.t.a, formerly known as Downtune Abbey, stands for down-tempo atmospheric. Every Thursday from 8–10 P.M., KTSW will bring you the finest from the realm of relaxation. Featuring everything from electronica/chillwave to jazz-sampled trip-hop, this show brings you the best of the chillout genre. Curated by DJ Motley, this 2-hour block of mystical melancholy is sure to put your mind at ease.

Local Show

The Local Show

Mondays 6–7pm


The Local Show is KTSW’s specialty show which features nothing but homegrown, local, Texas music. Hosted by Erica, who plays songs from different genres and time periods, she’ll remind you why this area is so rad… musically speaking, at least. The Local Show airs every Monday from 6–7pm right after Other Side Drive.

Mercury Metal

Mercury Metal

Mondays 10pm–midnight


Metal music that will electrify your senses from 10 p.m. to midnight. Enter the vortex of metal Mondays with metal ladies Allie P. and Shelby Rae as they fill your night with a plethora of metal. We present to you local, national and international bands ranging from old school thrash and doom to today’s deathcore, post-hardcore, metalcore and anything in between. We guarantee a night filled with awesome, headbanging worthy metal.

Noah's Arcade

Noah’s Arcade

Tuesdays 8–10pm

Noah’s Arcade is your one stop for electronic, dubstep, chip-tunes, and nerd core music. Your host, Ben Godson will keep you updated on current festivals, games, and pop culture in the Texas area. So be sure to catch Noah’s Arcade before it’s too late.

Rare Groove

Rare Groove

Mondays 8–10pm


Rare Groove is an original program on KTSW that will focus on the incredibly deep and defining genre that is Soul music. Host Allison will provide a weekly playlist including tracks spanning multiple sub-genres like Motown, R&B, Jazz, Northern-Soul and Gospel, and will explore a genre that has influenced countless musicians and inspired generation after generation of music appreciators and consumers. Whether you’re shoulder shrugging, hip shaking, or foot tapping, Rare Groove will give you a reason to move.

Reggae Revival

Reggae Revival

Wednesdays 8–10pm


Tune in to KTSW every Wednesday night 8–10pm for the new show “Reggae Revival.” The show will range from old school roots reggae to Ska to a new wave of local reggae artists; you’ll be wondering why you were never introduced. The second hour will be our ‘Dub Hour’ where the mood shifts into a relaxed setting as we play nothing but dub reggae. Hosted by The Twins, this show is here to bring the irie vibes to San Marcos.

Study Break

Study Break

Sundays 8–9pm

Study Break is a talk show that puts the college back in college radio! Join Malik Mingo as he hosts the show you want to hear when you need a break after all that studying. This show will be the “voice of the college student,” having news that college kids should know and want to talk about, interactive segments on-air for fellow college kids to give their opinion about, informative segments about what college kids should know, during and after college. With today in history, games and a great way to laugh off some of the stress and be informed at the same time, “Study Break” is the show you want to listen to! If you need to take that break in life or just want to listen to great conversation you can get involved in, tune in to Study Break, every Sunday night at 8pm, right here on KTSW. Don’t worry: when you go back to studying, you will definitely be a lot happier.

Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Mondays 7–8pm

Tune into Weekly Update every Monday at 7 p.m. for the latest stories from local, statewide, national and world news. Warren Schorr and Tara Pohlmeyer host and guide the listener through the latest trending topics, interesting news, sports updates and interviews with special guests. Everything that matters to you, all in one place.