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Specialty Shows

Other Side Drive Logo

Other Side Drive

Monday – Friday
4–6 p.m.

Other Side Drive is KTSW’s afternoon drive time variety show. It is jam-packed with various segments varying each day from education to fun and informative. Hosted by our best DJ talent and incorporating live interviews, performances, and a request block there is easily something for everyone!

Bobcat Radio Logo

Bobcat Radio

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
11–11:30 a.m.

Bobcat Radio is Texas State University’s only all-sports talk radio show. With a mix of Bobcat Athletics and national sports talk, Bobcat Radio is your only home for sports from a San Marcos perspective. If it’s breaking Texas State news then our broadcasts crews are talking about it. Mix in a little humor and various segments such as “Name Droppin’,” “Final Rant,” and much more, and you’ve got a solid hour of sports-talk entertainment. So tune it in, and turn it up! Bobcat Radio is on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am to noon, only on 89.9 KTSW!

Back to the Past Logo

Back to the Past with DJ SideFX and DJ DaFoe

7-9 p.m.

Do you miss how underground music used to sound? If so, you’re in luck. Back To The Past is a time machine that takes you through the past three decades to rediscover hidden gems from some of the best independent musicians. Stick with DJ SideFX as he explores the genres of indie rock, indie folk, electronic, and hip hop, reintroducing you to bands and artists you may have forgotten, such as Modest Mouse, Kimya Dawson, Neon Indian, De La Soul, and more. And it isn’t just about the music. DJ SideFX will delve into the historical setting of the tracks, discussing the movies, pop-culture trends, and even important world events from the time of their release. There’s a lot to uncover when you tune into Back to the Past, Monday nights from seven to nine on KTSW, the Other Side of Radio. Buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Mothership Connection

6-8 p.m. 

Live from outer space, on top of the mischievous milky way. Brought to you by the bebop bobcats at 899 tuned on your radio dial, on Tuesday from 6-8 why don’t you stay for a while? Hosted by DJ BJ and Young Dafoe it’s the mothership connection if you don’t already know. Watch the skies for the glow bringing you funk and soul plus lots more. So, board carefully and watch your step because this ride is a trip.

Coffee Talk

Classic Deep Cuts

8-10 p.m. 

When you think of the biggest hits of the last century, what do you think of? Elvis Presley? The Beatles? Michael Jackson? Do you ever think about the music of the time that didn't get remembered? Join Sammy Wells on Classic Deep Cuts as he explores the soundtrack of the 20th Century, looking for the music you may not remember, but you probably should! Listen to the lesser-known songs by some of your favorite artists, and the one-hit wonders that faded into obscurity. Classic Deep Cuts, Tuesday's from 8-10 pm here on KTSW 89.9.

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

10-12 p.m. 

Here at Coffee Talk the Tin Man takes you on a trip with some jazz, rock, and soul but who knows what might get played because of a little bit of this and a little bit of that and all things in between finding their way into this show. So stop by, bring some coffee or just relax and enjoy the music every Friday 10 - midnight.

A New Age Cover Image

A New Age

8-10 p.m. 

Hosted by DJ Faith, A New Age takes you back to the ‘70s & ‘80s with some of the most revolutionary, hard-hitting, in-your-face music of its time. The sounds of post-punk, new wave, early alternative and more take you back to a transformable time when punk music became more than just punk music.  Tune in to hear some of the most notable artists of the time, including The Cure, Talking Heads, Siouxsie, and the Banshees plus more on A New Age.

The Local Show with Mason

12-2 p.m. (Before Other Side Drive)

There are a few things synonymous with San Marcos: Sewell Park and the San Marcos River, The Square, and great local music all come to mind. Catch all that embodies the local music scene on The Local Show. Let Mason Moore take you up and down the I-35 corridor and into the surrounding areas while sharing with you the best and newest artists around. The Local Show, Friday afternoons from one-til-three on KTSW, the Other Side of Radio.