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Specialty Shows

Other Side Drive

The Spyce Rack, Monday nights from 7 to 9 PM on KTSW 89.9.

Monday – Friday
4–6 p.m.

Other Side Drive is KTSW’s afternoon drive time variety show. It is jam-packed with various segments varying each day from education to fun and informative. Hosted by our best DJ talent and incorporating live interviews, performances, and a request block there is easily something for everyone


Bobcat Radio

The Spyce Rack, Monday nights from 7 to 9 PM on KTSW 89.9.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
11–11:30 a.m.

Bobcat Radio is Texas State University’s only all-sports talk radio show. With a mix of Bobcat Athletics and national sports talk, Bobcat Radio is your only home for sports from a San Marcos perspective. If it’s breaking Texas State news then our broadcasts crews are talking about it. Mix in a little humor and various segments such as “Name Droppin’,” “Final Rant,” and much more, and you’ve got a solid hour of sports-talk entertainment. So tune it in, and turn it up! Bobcat Radio is on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am to noon, only on 89.9 KTSW!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions Bobcat Radio is currently ONLY on air Fridays. Check back soon for updates!

In the Public Interest

The Spyce Rack, Monday nights from 7 to 9 PM on KTSW 89.9.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
11–11:30 a.m.

In the Public Interest is KTSW’s news specialty show. Each week's topic brings you community-focused stories. Our news reporters write and produce creative stories to incorporate economical threats, political issues, and personal memoirs. If you have a story to tell—and you would like to be on radio—email us at or call 512.245.3383.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions In The Public Interest is currently NOT on air. Check back soon for updates!

The Spyce Rack

The Spyce Rack, Monday nights from 7 to 9 PM on KTSW 89.9.

7–9 p.m.

The Spyce Rack is a specialty show that brings all the good stuff to the table. From early 90's RnB to today's Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul, DJ Cayjuyn Spice has everything to "spyce" up your evening. Catch a vibe, feed your mind, and let The Spyce Rack take you on a ride.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions Spyce Rack is currently NOT on air. Check back soon for updates!

It is Not a Phase, Mom



8–10 p.m.

DJ Nat

It is an alternative punk rock show. This show is for the grown-up punk kids; for those of us who grew out of it and those of us who didn't. This show will take you back to the past and dip into the future of those middle school punk kids inside all of us. 

Love Handles

Love Handles, Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 PM on KTSW 89.9.

7–9 p.m.

Love Handles is a show on how to tackle love in this day and age. From cuffing season to snubbing season, these ladies know that love can be hard to handle, so DJ Cass and DJ Lex’ee Lex are here for you! Love Handles features love songs of all types, traditional love songs and revenge songs alike, that you can jam, cry, hang, and even study to. Between these love songs, DJs Cass and Lex’ee Lex host segments discussing topics like college dating tips, friendship issues, and even what’s going on in their own love lives! If you want to fall in love with a couple of gals and some gooey tunes, listen in to Love Handles on Wednesday from 7-9 PM on KTSW!

Ca$h Radio

Times Like These


8–9 a.m.

Nicholas Rodriguez, Judith Schuessel, Laura Cavada, Ty Wheeler, students from Texas State University organization SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), share their knowledge of the business world with you. Ca$h radio discusses various business topics, provide advice for money issues, and give you insight to prepare you to be successful in the business world as they cover resume building, interview tips, and how to be a manager of your own business.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions Ca$h Radio is currently NOT on air. Check back soon for updates!

The Local Show

The Local Show, Friday afternoons from 2 to 4 PM on KTSW 89.9.

2–4 p.m. (before Other Side Drive)

The Local Show is a program that features artists from Texas, specifically highlighting local San Marcos artists. It plays up-and-coming as well as established artists that epitomize our very own local scene. Tune in to catch the sounds of the 78666.

The Hitchhiker Hours

The Hitchhiker Hours

6–8 p.m. 

The Hitchhiker Hours is your go to show to hear b-sides and rarities of some of the most well known artists of the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties. Hosted by Madalyn White, she is highly influenced by folk, classic, and psychedelic rock, and tries to incorporate the best tunes of those genres that will make you feel like taking a drive or hitching a ride.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions The Hitchhiker Hours is currently NOT on air. Check back soon for updates!



8–10 p.m.

Che Salgado

Classics is comprised of music from the early-twentieth century up until today; with the objective being to take KTSW’s usual grab bag format and translate it to the past. Beloved indie tracks; deeper cuts from bigger artists; and older, pre-rock ‘n’ roll tunes are just a few examples of the type of music you can hear every week on Classics.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions Classics is currently NOT on air. Check back soon for updates!