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Charts and Rotation

Check out the latest songs that you've been hearing on KTSW 89.9, as well as our favorites each and every week! Would you like to hear yourself on KTSW 89.9? Submit your music!

Last updated: April 27, 2021

KTSW Top Adds

Cheap Dreams by Small Black

#1 Cheap Dreams

Small Black // 100% Electronica

Worlds Most Stressed Out Gardener by Chad Vangaalen

#2 Worlds Most Stressed Out Gardener

Chad Vangaalen // Sub Pop

Antonioni by Antonioni

#3 Antonioni

Antonioni // Lauren

KTSW Top 30

Rank Artist Record Label
1 GLITTERER Life Is Not A Lesson Anti-
2 GENESIS OWUSU Smiling With No Teeth House Anxiety/Ourness
3 KINLAW The Tipping Scale Bayonet
4 JONI Orchid Room Olive Eyes
5 ADULT BOOKS Grecian Urn Taxi Gauche
6 REAL ESTATE Half A Human [EP] Domino
7 SPUN OUT Touch the Sound Shuga
8 LAEL NEALE Acquainted With Night Sub Pop
9 DANI NASH Dani Nash Self-Released
10 BOBBY RENZ Eat A Rainbow Text Me
11 GENEVIEVE STOKES Swimming Lessons [EP] Atlantic
12 SPIRIT AWARD Lunatic House Share It
13 EXEK Biased Advice Castle Face
14 RARE MONK Never Really Over B3SCI
15 FANA HUES Hues Bright Antenna
16 JORDANA Something To Say To You Grand Jury
17 ALICIA CLARA Outsider/Unusual Hot Tramp
18 SUN JUNE Somewhere Run For Cover
19 MISS GRIT Impostor [EP] Self-Released
20 LAUREN AUDER 5 Songs For The Dysphoric True Panther/Harvest
21 MOBLEY Young & Dying In The Occident Supreme [EP] Last Gang
22 STAVES, THE Good Woman Nonesuch
23 DJANGO DJANGO Glowing In The Dark Because
24 ADULT MOM Driver Epitaph
25 DAMEER For We Are Distant [EP] Majestic Casual
26 TOLEDO Jockeys Of Love [EP] Telefono
27 SECRET SUN Winter Love Costume
28 KATIE DEY Urdata Run For Cover
29 KYLE EDWARD CONNOLLY On Arrival Hand Drawn Dracula
30 OLA SWEET Carnation Younger Dryas