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Ethan Hunt

Station Manager Ethan Hunt

Favorite KTSW Memory

"My favorite memory was being able to host my own sports talk show. It gave me the power to have my own sound and my own personality on air. It was the first step in exploring my creative passion here at the station and also in my career. After running my own show I was able to set up my own podcast and explore where that took me" 

After KTSW & TXST...

"I want to pursue a career in videography and travel."

Ethan Hunt


(512) 245-8248

Ethan is an Electronic Media major and Political Science minor from El Paso, Texas. He's been KTSW for two years.

Fun fact: He once got lost in a canyon for 24 hours (without food and water).

Favorite Album:

K.O.D. by J. Cole

K.O.D. by J. Cole