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Sam Searles

Social Media Administrator Sam Searles

Favorite KTSW Memory

"Bonding with the execs and getting into the groove with my own staff. They constantly amaze me with how far they let their creativity reach and blossom, as well as that even I have a lot to learn in regards to the crazy world of social media. They make me SO proud everyday. "


"I would love to live in the UK, but I want to manage the social media platform of a company like Buzzfeed or GymShark. Anything creative that I can have my hands in is something that I take joy in... same with the health and wellness industry. Wherever life takes me, I want to do something creative and memorable."

Sam Searles


About Me

Although originally from Portland, Oregon, Sam has lived in Austin for most of her life. She's an Electronic Media major (with a concentration in Digital Media), minor in Exercise and Sports Science. This is her second semester at KTSW!

Fun fact: She used to stage manage and use her carpentry skills in New York!

Favorite Album:

Kick by INXS

Kick by INXS