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Katharine Robertson

Music Director Katharine Robertson

Favorite KTSW Memory

"My fav memory is from my first semester as a DJ, I was in the middle of my shift and I heard a song that I chose as a music journalist to be added to the rotation! It showed my that my hard work did pay off!"

After KTSW & TXST...

"After I graduate, I plan on moving to either Japan or South Korea to teach English for a year or two, and then eventually work in the music industry (in either Asia or America). But really, I want to have my own TV show in the same vein as my number 1 inspiration: Anthony Bourdain."

Katharine Robertson


(512) 245-8089

About Me

Katharine is a Digital Media Innovations major and Philosophy minor from Austin, Texas. She started at KTSW over a year ago as a music journalist, rotational DJ, and a host for the Other Side Drive.

Fun fact: She was once on a billboard!

Favorite Album:

Favorite Album

Cherry Bomb by Tyler the Creator