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Iliana Ramirez

Music Director Iliana Ramirez

Favorite KTSW Memory

"My favorite moment was when I found out that I got accepted to be an executive! I had wanted to be apart of the exec team for a while so when I got hired I was so excited to step up!"

After KTSW & TXST...

"I would like to stay here in Texas but if an opportunity presented itself out of state, I would take it! I would like to do editorial/commercial photography and fine art photography on the side. My back-up plan is to work in event planning or festival production to put on festivals like ACL and Lollapalooza!"

Iliana Ramirez


About Me

Iliana is a Photography major and Mass Communications minor from the greatest city in the world: Houston, Texas. She's been with KTSW since her freshman year, working in the multimedia, music and programming departments!

Fun facts about her: she's an only child, she met David Byrne while covering SXSW for KTSW, and she's crazy addicted to sparkling water!

Favorite Album:

Favorite Album

Blond by Frank Ocean