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Archive, Fall 2012

Breaking the Social Script - Matt Alvarez

Many people often live their life as though it were scripted. Breaking the Social Script features stories about people who break from the daily routine of life, on the first Monday of every month.

Campus Arts - Chris Henry & Kelsey Nichols

Texas State art events and programs are featured in this segment. Straying from a list of artistic events hosted on campus, Campus Arts goes in depth about art shows, plays, musicals, interviews, and more every Thursday.

Revolutions - Dany Recio

Music history is featured in this segment. Every Thursday, Revolutions will take you back in time to explore important artists, albums, genres, festivals, and many more that remain relevant and important to music today.

Pop Rocks - Chelsi Smith

Pop Rocks is a fun upbeat segment that airs every Tuesday, featuring the latest in entertainment news from what's going on, who got married, who had babies, and more.

Tech Talk - Colton Matocha

Every Wednesday, Tech Talk will give you a technology report to keep you up to date on new technology, the devices we use, and the technology companies that make them.