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Other Side Drive

Other Side Drive airs weekdays 4:00–6:00pm

Other Side Drive is an afternoon drive-time variety show jam-packed with various segments for each day. Our best DJ talents serve as the hosts, entertaining with segments that range from educational to fun and informative. With live interviews, in-studio performances, and plenty of requested music, there is easily something for everyone! For more information or press inquiries on Other Side Drive, please email ktsw-osd@txstate.edu.

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Fall 2015 Segments

Anime Mania with Ranisha Shipp


Are you crazy for anime? Do  you find yourself wishing  that you could  be  in one? Do you spend more time at conventions than you do with your friends? Are you about that Otaku life? If so, let Lady R turn you on to new and interesting anime. Each episode will feature a different anime complete with commentary from your lovely host. No spoilers!

Going Global with Hannah Rucker

Going Global Logo

Going Global will be a radio segment on Other Side Drive that will be about opening people's minds to becoming more in touch with international affairs and encouraging listeners to becoming more comfortable with different cultures other than their own. The segment will strive to help Texas State students do what they can to become more educated on what living in different countries is like and how to be more welcoming to foreign exchange and transfer students that come to our campus. The show will feature various interviews with study abroad students, foreign students and professors with international experience. The segment will discuss ways that students can expose themselves to different cultures on a local level, such as trying different foods, listening to different music and making new friends.

Voices of Texas State with Malik Mingo


"Voices of Texas State" is Malik Mingo's sit-down interview with different groups of people that walk on Texas State University campus. Whether it be the student body president, a person who uses a wheelchair, a blind student or groups of people with common misconceptions, Malik will pick their brain, so that listeners can hear their point of view and their true voices. Sit back each week and listen as he embarks on a weekly conversation with your fellow Texas State Bobcats. This is Texas State, and this is their voice.


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Samuel Mungo Comes on Other Side Drive to Discuss Opera

April 29, 2016 3:57PM
By Andrew Nogay Web Content Assistant   Samuel Mungo, a professor and director of Opera studies at Texas State, recently came by Other Side Drive to discuss his upcoming piece, Lady Bird: First Lady of the Land. He and hosts Matthew and Andrew discuss the differences between musical theater and opera, his career and how…

Other Side Drive Discusses Virtual Reality

April 27, 2016 1:16PM
By Andrew Nogay Assistant Web Content Manager   David Morley, a Texas State graduate student, came on Other Side Drive in February to discuss his thesis, which is about virtual reality helping people figure out that cell phone use while driving is dangerous. David knows his stuff and the discussion ranges from texting and driving,…

Grey Sky Symphony OSD

April 6, 2016 8:26AM
By Andrew Nogay Web Content Assistant   Dillon Hutyra is a recent Texas State graduate, and is currently the main force behind Grey Sky Symphony, an indie-pop band. He stopped by Other Side Drive to discuss the process of making his music, playing shows and much more with hosts Malik and Kate.Filed under: Interviews, Other Side Drive…

A Curriculum of Divas: Episode Two

April 5, 2016 12:47PM
By Joshua Morrison Other Side Drive Segment Producer     Morrison: Here on “A Curriculum of Divas,” I, as you know, strive to give you the lowdown on gay icons and fandom. Last time I talked a bit about what makes a diva and why gay men are so attracted to them. I also touched…

The Two Lips Interview Talk About Their New EP On Other Side Drive

April 1, 2016 8:03AM
By Andrew Nogay Assistant Web Content Manager   The Two Lips, a garage rock band that hails from our own San Marcos, came on Other Side Drive to talk about how they met, bands they take inspiration from, their new EP and much more. This interview also features a few songs by the Two Lips, filling out…