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Other Side Drive

Other Side Drive

Other Side Drive airs weekdays 4:00–6:00pm

Other Side Drive is an afternoon drive-time variety show jam-packed with various segments for each day. Our best DJ talents serve as the hosts, entertaining with segments that range from educational to fun and informative. With live interviews, in-studio performances, and plenty of requested music, there is easily something for everyone! For more information or press inquiries on Other Side Drive, please email ktsw-osd@txstate.edu.

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Other Side Drive - featuring Texas State student bands

Featuring Texas State Student Bands

Other Side Drive proudly features bands from Texas State University.


Film Fix, Wednesdays at 4:20 PM on KTSW 89.9.

Film Fix

For over a hundred years motion pictures have captivated audiences the entire world over. Movies can take you anywhere you want to go, and in this segment by Daniel Fickman you will learn about important eras in cinema history. Hear about the films and filmmakers whose work changed the game and continues to inspire many generations on. So grab a pack of Junior Mints and put your cell phones on silent for this awesome new segment!

Moviecation, Wednesdays at 5:10 pm on KTSW 89.9.


Moviecation—entertaining movie vacation—allows you to relive a movie review through sound. Get insight on the newest releases with Veronika Kondratieva, who will be creating a weekly review. She will also be attending local film events and will educate you on an independent scale.

Revolutions, Tuesdays at 5:10 pm on KTSW 89.9.


David Cavazos’ Revolutions is a source for all things influential in music and music culture. Through both contemporary and classical venues we venture deep into those key moments, people, and ideas that have sculpted what music is today. This segment shows us where we’ve been and helps us perceive where we’re going. Through Revolutions we continue to stay revolutionary.

River City Music News, Mondays at 5:10 pm on KTSW 89.9.

River City Music News

Tune in to Elysia Cowle’s new segment, River City Music News on Other Side Drive. Elysia will bring you the latest news in the world of Indie Rock and what’s happening on the local scene as well. You can expect such things as interviews, upcoming events and the latest stories about your favorite artists. It’s something you won’t want to miss!

Show and Tell, Fridays at 5:10 pm on KTSW 89.9.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell is a show about hobbies. Sydney Huddleston explores an assortment of activities and takes the opportunity to celebrate interesting and passionate people who have built something out of nothing with the intent to improve their quality of life. It is all done with the hope that others might become inspired to get out there and try something new.

Spinning Discs, Mondays at 4:20 on KTSW 89.9.

Spinning Discs

Spinning Discs is a video game news update hosted by Josue Plaza. Don’t waste your time trying to keep up with the video game industry. Allow Josue to tell you what’s going on and why it matters to you! Josue will also complain and rant about the video games he plays, which he calls “reviewing.” Catch Spinning Discs Mondays at 4:20 PM on Other Side Drive.

Threads, Thursdays at 5:10 pm on KTSW 89.9.


The Stories That Bind Us

Take a journey with Monica Solis into the realm of storytelling with “THREADS: the stories that bind us.” With THREADS, you have the opportunity to go behind the scenes with musicians, filmmakers, community leaders, and just about everyone in between by listening to their tales of tribulations and triumphs. We’re shaped by our stories and connected through the stories we tell—what will yours be?

Total Spectrum, Tuesdays at 4:50 pm on KTSW 89.9.

Total Spectrum

Total Spectrum provides you with a new point of view on the rising civil rights movement for a more colorful crowd. Hannah Owen brings you news, interviews, and personal ideals on LGBTQ issues while including talk that strives for equality among all. Let love in, and enjoy segments that will open your eyes wider.

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Getting Bad With Super Thief

April 22, 2014 3:03PM
On-Air Talent – Kelsey Johnson and The Fern Other Side Drive Executive Producer – Shannon Williams Writer – Kelsey Johnson Editor – Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros Click here to download the Super Thief interview! Recently on Other Side Drive, your awesome Friday hosts Kelsey and The Fern were super excited to interview Super Thief.…

Threads: Off the Cuff

April 21, 2014 3:56PM
Written and Produced by: Monica Solis Click here to download this episode of Threads. With a new year comes new resolutions. But they’re not that new. These are resolutions we’ve been making for years. While most of these are great things to aspire to, a lot of them are made to fit society’s notion of…

Octopus Project: Austin’s “Best Avant Garde/Experimental Band”

April 16, 2014 9:03PM
Octopus Project Mixdown Written and Edited by: Shannon Williams By popular vote in the the Austin Chronicle’s annual Austin Music Awards, Octopus Project, has been named “Best Avant Garde/Experimental Band” for the 2013-2014 season. The band dates back to 1999, and is composed of Josh Lambert, Yvonne Lambert, Toto Miranda, and Ryan Figg. The group’s…

Keep San Marcos Flowing: Wild Rice Festival this Saturday

April 10, 2014 4:59PM
By: Shannon Williams On-Air Talent: Shannon Williams and Ben Godson Other Side Drive Executive Producer: Shannon Williams Wild Rice Festival In Studio Interview Last week Other Side Drive was joined by the coordinators of San Marcos’ first Wild Rice Festival at Sewell Park. Organizers Ashley Wright, Tom Thumb, and representative Courtney Eberhard of HEAT (Human…

Show and Tell: Roller Derby

April 9, 2014 3:22PM
Writer and Producer – Sydney Huddleston Other Side Drive Producer – Shannon Williams Editor – Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros Click here to download Show and Tell Ep. 3 To tell you the truth, up until a few weeks ago, I really had no idea what exactly Roller Derby was. I knew it had to…