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Other Side Drive

Other Side Drive

Other Side Drive airs weekdays 4:00–6:00pm

Other Side Drive is an afternoon drive-time variety show jam-packed with various segments for each day. Our best DJ talents serve as the hosts, entertaining with segments that range from educational to fun and informative. With live interviews, in-studio performances, and plenty of requested music, there is easily something for everyone! For more information or press inquiries on Other Side Drive, please email ktsw-osd@txstate.edu.

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Into the Biosphere, Mondays at 5:10

Into the Biosphere

Follow along with Taylor Zavala for the latest on the ever changing environment. Zavala explores the happenings of nature around us, including San Marcos' culture of water and radical greenery. So prepare to get worldly as we dive deep Into the Biosphere.

Hero Worship, Tuesdays at 5:10 PM on KTSW 89.9.

Hero Worship

Jason McCall's Hero Worship is your primary resource for all things nerdy in the world of comic books. Ranging from the early days of comics to the always popular superhero films, Jason discusses the many different stories and characters he loves. If you need a geek fix, Jason is here to save the day.

Stewed, Wednesday at 5:10

Stewed: Your Brain on Radio

Megan Jo's "Stewed" is an entertaining way to feed your curious brain with new scientific discoveries and advancements. Listening to interviews with researchers, professors, and doctors will make you smarter and a more impressive conversationalist. Join Megan Jo for some real brain fun!

Film Fix Image

Film Fix

For over a hundred years motion pictures have captivated audiences the entire world over. Movies can take you anywhere you want to go, and in this segment by Daniel Fickman you will learn about important eras in cinema history. Hear about the films and filmmakers whose work changed the game and continues to inspire many generations on. So grab a pack of Junior Mints and put your cell phones on silent for this awesome new segment!

Show and Tell, Fridays at 5:10 pm on KTSW 89.9.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell is a show about hobbies. Sydney Huddleston explores an assortment of activities and takes the opportunity to celebrate interesting and passionate people who have built something out of nothing with the intent to improve their quality of life. It is all done with the hope that others might become inspired to get out there and try something new.

Threads, Thursdays at 5:10 pm on KTSW 89.9.


The Stories That Bind Us

Take a journey with Desiree Madrid into the realm of storytelling with “THREADS: the stories that bind us.” With THREADS, you have the opportunity to go behind the scenes with musicians, filmmakers, community leaders, and just about everyone in between by listening to their tales of tribulations and triumphs. We’re shaped by our stories and connected through the stories we tell—what will yours be?

Other Side Drive Blog

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Hero Worship – Super-Powered Television Makes The Bucks

December 20, 2014 9:39AM
By Jason McCall Segment Producer Comic books and movies have always been two mediums that go together like bacon and eggs. If the character works on the pages, it stands to reason that it’ll work on the big screen. While comic book films have made a huge rise over the decades, you may have realized…

Film Fix – Chris Farley

December 19, 2014 9:39AM
By Daniel Fickman Segment Producer Now today I want to focus on another performer. I use the term performer because at the bottom of it all that’s what he truly was. One of the bravest to ever step foot onto the “Saturday Night Live” stage, and possibly my favorite comedic actor of all time. Chris…

Other Side Drive: A Week Of In-Studios

November 26, 2014 10:14AM
By Holly Henrichsen Web Editor Last week was exciting here at KTSW; Other Side Drive had an in-studio performance each day. We kicked off our jam packed week with a performance from Alex Napping. Alex Napping is a four-member band from Austin comprised of Alex Cohen (vocals and guitar), Adrian Haynes (guitar), Tomas Garcia-Olano (bass)…

In-Studio: Violinda

November 9, 2014 12:00PM
By Jason McCall Other Side Drive It takes a lot of bravery and determination to pursue a career in music, especially as a violinist in a world ruled by bands. Violinda is a special type of musician that brings a lot of heart to her music. During an interview with Other Side Drive hosts Shannon…

In-Studio: Wonderb****

November 8, 2014 1:15PM
By Shannon Williams Other Side Drive Click here to listen to the Wonderb**** mixdown. Being the new kid at school can go two ways: you hide and get cast to the default table or you become the subject of conversation. These new kids moved to Austin only last year, started Wonderb**** in December of 2013,…